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a 90's baby. A happy kid living in a not-so-perfect world. :) I blow out my candles every 7th of April.


Kinakabahan talaga ako kaya first time kong naisipang maglabas ng kaba dito. Whoooooh! Exam ko na bukas sa New Era University. AB ECONOMICS kinuha ko. Haha. Well, NEU isn’t really my first choice. PUP kasi talaga. Kaso unfortunately, hndi ako pumasa. Kaya ayun. Wala din naman ako magagawa. Tska siguro hndi talaga ako para doon.
Sabi nila mahirap daw entrance exam sa New Era. Kaya mas lalo akong kinakabahan. Hindi naman kasi ako masyadong nagreview the past few days until now. Ewan ko ba!!! Pero nagrereview na ko ngayon. :) haha! Di naman kasi talaga ako sobrang sipag eh. Onti lang. Kinakabahan talaga ako eh. Kasi magagalit sila sakin pag nabagsak ko yung entrance exam. :( Ano nalang gagawin ko pag di ako pumasa? Pero sana, sana talaga, makapasa ako. Promise pagiigihan ko talaga pagaaral ko pag pumasa ako. Promise talaga!!! Kasi the first time nagpunta ako ng New Era, nailove ako eh. Bigla ko nalang naisip na gusto ko magaral talaga dun. :(

EWAN. Sana, makapasa ako. Pinagppray ko talaga to kay God. Amen! YUN LANG.

040714, happy birthday to me. 🎉

[TRANS] EXO Sasaeng Accounts


(t/n: I got a request to translate this but I hesitated a bit at first because I didn’t want a misrepresentation of any fans of any kind, and I didn’t want any bashing to go on after people read this. Please take some of these with a grain of salt, some of them are absolutely true but some are rumors/assumptions, so please keep that in mind. Parts of every fandom have taken part in these activities, whether it be kfans, cfans, or ifans - reblogging the audio of Tao singing in the shower and thanking ‘the crazy fans’ is also taking part in these activities. Remember that sasaengs shouldn’t be considered fans and don’t bash each other - put that energy into protecting the boys.)


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This one's for you, YES, YOU! →


I wasn’t aiming for you, just so you know. If i have to explain a thousand times or even a million then i would. I never thought such a thing could be a big issue, when in reality it was a total misunderstanding. Firstly,That tweet was not meant for you, swear! I was happy that’s all, i did not…


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And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.

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